Our mission

We have experienced first-hand the agony but also the joy of learning and living a foreign language.
We have felt what it is like to push through frustration, self-doubt and mental blocks.

We therefore have practical know-how to keep our students’ eyes on the proverbial prize and not to get distracted in the process.
We cheer them on in their effort to begin learning,

develop and refine their language skills.
We watch them go from barely knowing a single word to sustaining a complete conversation.
So now we are on a mission  to:


allow our students to thrive by gaining confidence


be in contact with and support people who are curious about embarking on new discoveries


convey our own passion for languages, literature, the theatre, music, and so much more


guide our students to be able to juggle several languages at the same time


grant our students autonomy in their professional and private lives

What sets us apart is that we aren’t “just” teachers.

We’re in the business of language coaching.

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